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A new music project by fuse

New Construction Site! November 2022
November Music Festival, Den Bosch (more soon)

Welcome to the digital home of Mikrokosmos. A new music project by Dutch ensemble Fuse. Between 2020 and 2023, Mikrokosmos will grow into an audiovisual experience:
A music album and a concert tour.

is a musical cycle consisting of 12 new compositions, inspired on, well..life.
12 chapters, 12 composers, 6 musicians and one visual artist. Join us on this adventurous trip and witness Mikrokosmos grow from the first scetches to the final form.

Scroll along to find out more about Mikrokosmos and how to watch our videos from the launch in 2020.

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Meet the composers

The “Lockdown Interviews”.
Meet some of the composers.
Special conversations in special times. 
With: JacobTV, Joey Roukens, Miho Hazama, Morris Kliphuis, Kinan Azmeh, Nathalie Joachim, Gabriella Smith and Xavi Torres.


In november 2020 our first Construction Site was supposed to take place at November Music Festival. It was cancelled last minute due to pandemic measures. Luckily De Kleine Komedie theater in Amsterdam offered us their stage for a series of live streams. 5 days, 5 eposides. Special thanks to Easylivestream.nl for helping us out on such short notice.

Construction Site Episode 1
“Transform” (#8) with JacobTV

Construction SITE Episode 2
“Grow” (#3) with Xavi Torres


Construction Site Episode 3
“Animate” (#4) with Miho Hazama

Construction Site Episode 4
“Ground” (#2) with Morris Kliphuis

Construction Site Episode 5
Recap episode (with playthrough)

Mikrokosmos is supported by
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